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Azores – Magical Nature

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The Azores Archipelago emerges from the Atlantic Ocean almost halfway between Europe and North America. Comprising nine islands that cover in total 2,333 km2, it has 244,000 inhabitants (2008 estimate). An integral part of the Portuguese State, the Autonomous Region of the Azores lies between 36º 55’ and 39º 45’ North latitude and 25º and 31º 15’ West longitude. Europe’s westernmost point is the island of Flores.

Part of the Macaronesia Region, the nine islands of the archipelago were divided in three geographical groups. The eastern group comprises Santa Maria and São Miguel, which lie 1,400 km from the Portuguese coast; the central group includes Faial, Graciosa, Pico, São Jorge and Terceira; finally, the western group is formed by Corvo and Flores and lies 1,800 km from the closest point in the North American continent.

Things you can experience in the Azores:

Whale watching
Scuba diving
Bike tours
Big game fishing
Bird watching

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Air travel is an easy and comfortable way of traveling inside the archipelago. All islands have airports which receive scheduled flights operated by SATA Air Açores.

Currently, there are three airline companies operating scheduled flights in the Azorean airspace: SATA Air Açores, SATA Internacional and TAP Portugal.

Several islands work as gateways to the archipelago.

From Mainland Portugal, one can fly to the Azores from Lisbon and Porto. There are also flights between Ponta Delgada and Funchal, Madeira and Faro, Algarve. In terms of international flights, there are nonstop flights to several destinations in Europe (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, and Oslo), in Canada (Montreal and Toronto), and in the United States of America (Boston and Oakland).

Airline Companies:

Ligação externa TAP:



Maritime Transport

On the so-called “triangle islands,” there are regularly scheduled routes that connect the ports of Faial, Pico and São Jorge throughout the whole year. In the summer, Transmaçor extends its routes to the other islands of the central group (Terceira and Graciosa).

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Atlânticoline offers a regular service that connects Santa Maria and São Miguel to the central group during middle season. Their fleet increases in number during the summer, enabling a sea link between all the islands of the archipelago.

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There is a website to which you have to log on when you are planning a visit to the Azores:



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