Vive la résistance

The present blog is born in a peculiar time, amidst an epidemic that is threatening, in such a foundational way, our habits and lifestyle, challenging the way we interact with people and form new bonds, not only among the sailing community but among all people across oceans and nations.

For a century we have been sitting at the dock of Horta’s bay, from where we have been watching the ever-changing tides of history. We have seen the world being connected through undersea threads that now reach the orbit of Earth. We have felt the rise of wars who killed millions, which fall brought countries and communities together to rebuilt and protect the fragile conditions for peace and to acknowledge the universal and inherent dignity of all members of the human family. One of the many materializations of our inherited freedom was the arrival of, what we call at the Azores, the “adventurers” and the birth of the modern yachtsmanship, which we have been trying, within our very own limitations, to nurture and support for a few decades. Now, based on all we have experienced through this small window in time, we hope that the corona crisis will also be replaced by a new global paradigm, as the virus violently forces us to re-evaluate our values as individuals and as a species – reflecting on our very own life, our priorities and unfulfilled plans: things that we always wanted to have done, things left unsaid, and all that we have never found the time or courage to bring to fruition.

… but I diverge.

This small project’s objectives are twofold: one, to provide some help, or eventually some peace of mind, to all those crossing the Atlantic; two, and more importantly, to share stories, chronicles and adventures of people – of those who even among all the hardship still dare to follow their dreams and ideals, and of those who help (or at least try) – hoping to show that even though suspicion and potential mistrust have increased during the crisis, we can still build strong meaningful bonds, even among strangers, proofing that the human spirit transcends boundaries both geographic and those built by fear.

We believe that our answer to the current challenges can guide us towards a more meaningful and fulfilling future, to live harmoniously with those we love and our planet. We will endure and we will prevail.

Vive la résistance!


1. Now that is written, we have come to realize that the current text might be a little heavy, however, we found it important to explain our point of view. From now on, it would be fair for you to expect most of our posts to be more lighthearted. In the meanwhile, if you are arriving at Horta and need anything, you can easily spot us as the guys with pretty blue, red, white and bright yellow beanies, in the harbour going from boat to boat.

2. If you are interested in understanding the current challenges of transatlantic crossings during the COVID epidemic, I leave you an excellent article written by Susan Smillie in the Guardian:

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