Giants of the Atlantic Valleys

Among the Atlantic valleys live a few races of giants, some of flesh and blood, others of wood and fiber, some living and some actually living. As a rule, most of these elegant beasts vary between 10 and 20 meters, and perform feats of impressive magnitudes: …from dives of 2000 meters – through the evanescent remains of the surface’s light tracing their choreographed fights in the depths, embraced by unimaginable pressure (and not only that psychological nature) … to the circumnavigations through constantly changing passages, chasing sunrises and sunsets, from port to port, through the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean,...
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Pelican of London and Thor Heyerdahl

A lot of people stereotypically see sailors as drunk festive people, with festive songs such as "what shall we do with a drunken sailor" materializing that idea... and the reality is that we've been dealing with drunken sailors all our lives – being a bar and all. However, with the corona epidemic, we soon realized that this year it would not be business as usual: there was an armada of undersupplied sober sailors heading our way and that was in fact what was alarming us. The truth is that our experience supplying sailor was, at the time, practically non-existent, but...
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Vive la résistance crew

“If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?” Well, not the Ghostbusters, at least not in Horta. Here there’s someone else dealing with the invisible threat, namely us, among others of course. If you need information, supplies, food or water, if you have any technical / bureaucratical / health issues or if you simply want some warm food to heat your soul, after this leg crossing, we are your guys! Let me introduce ourselves: If you are planning your departure towards Horta, if you are already crossing and need information regarding COVID related restrictions, or if you...
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Vive la résistance

The present blog is born in a peculiar time, amidst an epidemic that is threatening, in such a foundational way, our habits and lifestyle, challenging the way we interact with people and form new bonds, not only among the sailing community but among all people across oceans and nations. For a century we have been sitting at the dock of Horta’s bay, from where we have been watching the ever-changing tides of history. We have seen the world being connected through undersea threads that now reach the orbit of Earth. We have felt the rise of wars who killed millions,...
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