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Palavras de um visitante...


No passado dia 9/8 passei pela v/ casa...
Estive 2 horas em escala aérea nesse lugar mundialmente conhecido... e fiz questão de tomar um GIN no v/ emblemático e histórico Peter Cafe Sport
Porque o inesperado acontece, quero oferecer-vos uma foto, que para mim é pura obra do acaso no interior de um copo de "Gin"... do v/ famoso GIN...

Espero que seja do v/ agrado...
Para mim é simplesmente " única "...

"A magia que acontece com quem por puro prazer vos visita..."

José Romão


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A friendly testimony from England

Dear José,


A friend has just returned from Horta and gave me a copy of your “newspaper” which brought back very vivid memories of the month I stayed there in 1977.


In April 1977 I arrived in Horta by air from England to refit the 32ft Westerly “Sunset” with her owner Albert Troll before sailing her to Gibraltar. It was my first visit to the Azores and had taken three days to get there from Terceira due to fog, but it did not take long for me to find Peter. During our stay I don’t think there was a day when we didn’t go to Café Sport where your father was always available to help with translation, introductions and of course refreshment, I may even have met you. My memories of most of my stay are very vivid, from painting the wall to eating in a huge dining room at long tables with whoever happened to come in, I think it was near the market, but our late night walks around the harbor back to the boat from Peter’s are a little hazy!


We left on May 5th and took 12 days to reach Gibraltar. I subsequently sailed on many different boats around the world, both cruising and racing, none of which were as cantankerous as that old bilge-keeler.


I am delighted to know that you are carrying on your family’s tradition with such success and wish you good fortune and a fair wind.


Thanks for the memories 

Nick Newbery



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E-mail received...


We visited you recently on our way home to the UK. My partner had the best G&T she’s ever tasted and would like to know what was in it to make it so special. What make of Gin? I believe the tonic was Schweppes…is that correct? Lime and lemon slices? Anything else?


I do hope you can let us know.

Congratulations on a very special place!

Kind Regards from Steve Gleghorn

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Postal do Peter Café Sport 1994

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Café Sport em 1968

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